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You Are Most Like John F. Kennedy

You live a fairy tale life that most people envy.
And while you may have a few dark secrets, few people know them.

You Should Travel to China

China can satisfy your craving for many travel opportunities in one trip.
You can hang out in modern Shanghai, walk along the great wall, or visit sacred mountains.
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i have to learn to let you crash down

shopping can get addicting, especially when i go to forever 21 and h&m.

victoria's secret and bath and body works have their semi-annual sale. i've stocked up on my usuals from bbw. surprsingly, i haven't bought anything from vs, yet.

i'm inhaling kimchi like no other. and im not even korean. i've gone through two jars in the last 3-4 weeks. i'm on my third one. it's the big, fat one, mind you and it's about 1/4 gone. it's delicious and spicy and i've been eating it since i was 4 years old.

i'm committed to drinking at least 8 8oz. glasses of water a day. some days im pretty good about sticking to this regimen, while other days i drink only about 4-5.

my purse addiction/obsession is coming out again. it's really bad.

first day of work on thursday consisted of me hitting the "no answer/not home/no direct contact/voice mail" button several times to generate a new caller. i hit the refusal button 2-3x. i got one pledge. that was exciting cos i was expecting not to get one. we had an icebreaker. throwing paper airplanes around the room. having ice cream and playing pictionary during break. playing horshoes was fun and talking to the people sitting next to me. haha... this job is interesting. i get paid to call people, play games, and eat ice cream.

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your lucky duck

yesterday evening bhavisha came back from her mcnair retreat. i picked her up. we lounged around for about 2 hours or so. then she started cooking. we had breakfast food for dinner, consisting of maple link sausage, sunny side down/over easy eggs, and beans on toast. omg, so delicious, especially the beans on toast. and not just your regular run of the mill beans, but the heinz variety kind from england. ahh... and with sauted onions and curry powder- deFUCKINGlicious. and i drizzled some hot rooster sauce to punch it up a bit.

lem came over and we watched tv. then bhavisha and lem left to go some party. i stayed home because one, i didn't feel like going and two, i hadn't showered that day. basically i was a bum friday and saturday. they came back and lem actually slept over.

when sunday rolled around we watched napoleon dynamite. incredibly stupid movie, no doubt. but mildly entertaining for a lazy sunday. but watching that and pretty much alot of other things on TV assures me that TV is all garbage and that's why i limit myself to 2 hours a day.

everyone left. i stayed and chillaxed/read/studied. i ordered from oodles. i watched a little bit of tv. bhavisha came back. then lem came again. went to a bonfire at robbie's. roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. home

at least i left my apartment today.

another week of classes... but this week, i'll be home again to see melinda make a milestone in her life- graduating high school. and i'll be heading to the brank spanking new ikea in canton and h&m at lakeside. woo! i find it amusing that both stores are sweedish establishments.

i love bhavisha... she's making me a skirt!
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a bagel can satisfy my cravings

so this summer will be dedicated to finding hole in the walls around EL/lansing. i managed to go to one yesterday with bhavisha and lem. we ordered some takeout from a mexican/carribean restuarant. it was delicious. i got chicken in a mango sauce with some fried yuca. yummy! but this new found mission should hopefully take us to places we've never tried of would have even thought of trying and getting some delicious goodness while we're at it.

we came back to the apartment and watched belle epoque (the age of beauty, for you non-spanish speaking folks).

it was terribly hot yesterday. today is no exception... well i think it was worse yesterday. at least it rained a bit.

and the summer will also be dedicated to making things out of old clothes/fabrics. paulette has a sewing machine. and bhavisha knows how to do stuff and she's gonna show me.
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random, useless update...

bhavisha is back!
i hate physics.
biocultural anthro class is sweet. it helps to have some prior knowledge on the stuff and to have taken biology.
social psych is fun. i like being able to relate it to everyday life examples.
detroit basketball tonight! while kickin it back with some fun time at ricks!
going home for the 4 weekend.

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drinking bell's oberon is a good way to taste summer in your mouth, even on chilly monday evenings

so this was in yesterday's editorial/opinion section of the state news

it's shit like that, that pisses me off. the demise of women's rights cease to exist and choices become very limited.

i may be pro-choice, but im not pro-abortion. i think i'll be able to tell when i will/won't drink. i don't need some higher authority to tell me i can't drink JUST BECAUSE I'M CAPABLE OR PLANNING TO HAVE A BABY!

anyways, im gearing up for tonight's game. the heat is on, but i'm sure the pistons can handle it and put it out.

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ode to dr. chartkoff

professor chartkoff, you equate to awesomeness. why? in my 3.5 years as a student you are probably the first professor that i've encountered who makes other things besides pencils available during a quiz/exam. you have pencil sharpeners, pens, tylenol, kleenex, and cough drops on hand just to prepare for the worse (should a student need some). that's so neat.

he's like a grandpa... he probably is one. i bet he spoils his grandkids, too.

he makes learning biocultural anthropology and evolution seem fun on a monday-wednesday morning.

ahh, what a cute old man.

now: im eating corned beef hash that i've added cheese to and spiced up with rooster sauce, on top of bread. yummy.

i've been watching food network rather extensively. it pretty much accounts for the 2hrs of tv i allot for myself on a given day. (for instance, i've gotten recipes on baked salmon with some veggies, onions, oranges, strawberries and honey [de-fucking-licious!] and how to cook chicken curry in a microwave [this'll be good in the dorms] and other delictable ideas.) aside from DETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!

speaking of which... they're ready for the heat and it won't stop them from capturing glory!

"if it aint rough, it aint right"
wise words of wisdom.

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summer in the EL again... come visit me if you're in the area or would like to plan a road trip to do so. im living with paulette and bhavisha. so far its been good. paulette and her bf robbie have been around mostly while bhavisha is at home for a few weeks or so. i mostly lounge around. when im not reading, i use the comp or watch tv and vice versa. i get bored rather easily. so i'll go on wikipedia or google or merriam-webster or something like that and input in words, phrases, whatever and read about it. i know, i'm a nerd... so what?

taking classes. my social psych class isn't too bad. my biological anthro class is ehh. just worred about the 10+ page paper that i have to write within the 7 weeks. my physics class is online and it shouldn't be too bad since i have bhavsiah to help me.

there's a cute boy in my social psych class. he's an english/philosophy major. squee!!!1

i spent alot on groceries yesterday. i think i was shopping on an empty stomach. then again, this food should last me through next month or even till july. at least i have food now and i wont have to be buying take out all the time, like i did on monday.

im in desperation for a job. im applying to anywhere i can think of that's hiring. i dont wanna resort to having to work in the cafe again. i can't handle bratty children. that's where my cousins come in... haha, jk! but seriosuly... i need a job and i need money to pay for things and so i wont have to feel guilty whenever my mother gives me money. when she does though, i appreciate it but it would be nice to know that that money is from my own earnings and not someone else's. sometimes, i'd put the money back into my mom's purse or if she would give me x amount, i'd put half of it back into her purse.

summer seems to be going by really slow. but it's 2 weeks till the end of may. craziness.

i hate having to walk all the way around one building just to get to the psych building. if the one road wasn't closed, i'd get there in less than 5 minutes. but since it is closed, i have to walk more and it takes me almost 10 minutes to get there. yargs.

i miss the cedarview west crew from last summer. i've been feeling rather nostalgic the last few days.
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i dont write in this any more

so the other day, i was in a car with a friend of mine and her friend. her friend had offered to drive us home for the weekend. the car ride wasn't too bad. actually i was drifting in and out of sleep. but at one point, the conversation between my friend and her friend rather caught my ear.

the friend mentioned how she doesn't go out of her way or make any effort to try and get to know people. she felt that it wasn't necessary to have many friends at all. this rather perturbed me for a bit. i mean it is people's decisions if they want to try to make friends or not. but at the same time, i think being able to just meet people and network with them provides to be something valuable. you don't have to make friends for the sake of doing so but just to have a social network that you can relate with or perhaps they could somehow hook you up with a really sweet job or something. all thanks to networking. besides, where does it say that you have to share your deepest secrets with a quasi-friend/aquaintance you've only interacted a few times in your life.

it also made me uncomfortable being in that car after she had said that. i felt that i was intruding and invading her space. nonetheless, i was still greatful for the ride home.

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