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i watch me be this other thing, i never know

no matter what it takes she promises a show

my last name is the capital of chile
25 July 1984
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24/7 beaners coffee, anything with culture, apia advocacy, apia issues, b.razz and cherry coke, ball don't lie!, battle royale, being eccentric, books, briefcase wallets by parcel, cooking, critical race theory, detroit basketball!, discovering new music, drunken spanish, embarrassing myself, erotica, existentialism, foreign film, handbags, hats with ear flaps, hello kitty, hookah! bubbles, iieee, intelligence, making you laugh, mittens, movies, music, open-mindedness, people pleasing, poetry, pop culture, reading, rice paddy, scarves, searching the perfect purse, swearing in spanish, the word duplex, winter, writing, yessssir!, yessssur!!